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The Best of British Fantasy 2018 - Table of Contents

The Best of British Fantasy 2018 - Recommended Reading List

A list of 'honourable mentions' - forty other interesting stories by British (or UK resident) authors, all first published in 2018:

  • "Crooks Landing, By Scaffold" by G.V. Anderson (Nightmare)
  • "The Lord's Prayer, From Memory" and "The King's Escape" by Jez Burrows (Dictionary Stories)
  • "We All Know About Desire" by Regi Claire (For Books' Sake)
  • "La Ténébreuse" by Storm Constantine (The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors)
  • "The Giulia Effect" by Barbara Davies (Making Monsters)
  • "Homebrew Wine Recipes for Favourable Effects, from the Regrettable Life of Mrs Poulman" by Matt Dovey (Arsenika)
  • "Ain't That the Truth" by Bryn Fortey (Compromising the Truth)
  • "The Species Assimilation Unit" by Mike Fox (Cabinet of Heed)
  • "Sunflower seeds and supernatural beings" by Anita Goveas (Willow Lit)
  • "The Thought Gatherers" by Victoria Haslam (Mismatched Metacarpals)
  • "Counter Curse" by Cat Hellisen (Learning How to Drown)
  • "A Little Star" by Verity Holloway (Far Horizons)
  • "Ash" by Elizabeth Hopkinson (Fairytalez)
  • "The Blitz of Din Barham" by Cameron Johnston (Heroic Fantasy Quarterly)
  • "The Book of Mammon" by Michael Krawec (Mismatched Metacarpals)
  • "Witness" by Kim Lakin-Smith (Holding on by our Fingertips)
  • "The Hero of Aral Pass" by Mark Lawrence (The Art of War)
  • "Channeling Aphrodite" by Rachel Lister (Spelk)
  • "Ways to Wake" by Alison Littlewood (Nightmare)
  • "Domestic Magic" by Kirsty Logan (This Dreaming Isle)
  • "The Other Tiger" by Helen Marshall (The Silent Garden)
  • "The Leonard Cohen Waltzing Society for Half-drunk Fuckwits" by Helen McClory (Vol 1 Brooklyn)
  • "How the Mighty" by Daniel Micklethwaite (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)
  • "How the Tree of Wishes Gained its Carapace of Plastic" by Jeannette Ng (Not So Stories)
  • "How the Simurgh Won her Tail" by Ali Nouraei (Not So Stories)
  • "Beyond the Border" by Benedict Patrick (From the Shadows of the Owl Queen's Court)
  • "Meet the Family" by Charlotte Pratt (EconoClash Review Vol 1)
  • "The Green-Hearted Girl" by Ella Risbridger (Make More Noise)
  • "Blessed" by Geoff Ryman (Fantasy & Science Fiction)
  • "Blocks" by George Sandison (BFS Horizons)
  • "Small Town Stories" by Priya Sharma (All The Fabulous Beasts)
  • "The Cocktail Party in Kensington Gets Out of Hand" by Robert Shearman (This Dreaming Isle)
  • "The Vigil of Talos" by Huw Steer (Making Monsters)
  • "Tales of the Immortals" by Steph Swainston (Turning Point)
  • "Yiwu" by Lavie Tidhar (
  • "The Pit King" by Ryan Vance (F(r)iction Magazine)
  • "The Logicians" by James Warner (Ninth Letter)
  • "Blood and Smoke, Vinegar and Ashes" by DP Watt (The Silent Garden)
  • "The Palace of Force and Fire" by Ron Weighell (The Silent Garden)
  • "Nox Una" by Marian Womack (The Silent Garden)
  • "The Imprint of Leaves" by Elizabeth Xifaras (The Cabinet of Heed)

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