The Best of British Fantasy 2018 - Recommended Reading List
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The Best of British Fantasy 2018 - Table of Contents

I'm very proud to reveal the table of contents for the inaugural volume of The Best of British Fantasy.

The anthology contains over twenty brilliant stories of the strange and fantastic, complete with mermaids, impossible quizzes, sorcerous rogues, magic swords, towering monsters, ghostly lovers, unreachable islands, numerous apocalypses, a particularly irritating local councillor, and bees.

You can pre-order your copy now, directly from the publisher.

  • "There's a Witch in the Word Machine" by Jenni Fagan (There's a Witch in the Word Machine)
  • "We Are Now Beginning Our Descent" by Malcolm Devlin (LossLit)
  • "The Dance of a Thousand Cuts" by Liam Hogan (Terra! Tara! Terror!)
  • "A Son of the Sea" by Priya Sharma (All the Fabulous Beasts)
  • "To Look Upon His Works" by RJ Barker (Art of War)
  • "12 Answers Only You Can Question" by James Warner (EPOCH)
  • "The Woman Who Turned Into Soap" by Harkiran Dhindsa (The Good Journal)
  • "Mushroom Speed Boosts" by Ben Reynolds (LossLit)
  • "The Guile" by Ian McDonald (
  • "We can make something grow between the mushrooms and the snow" by Kirsty Logan (The Puritan)
  • "The Moss Child" by Lisa Fransson (The Forgotten and the Fantastical 4)
  • "Boys" by Lizzie Hudson (Litro)
  • "The Farm at the World's End" by Helen McClory (Occulum)
  • "The Prevaricator" by Matthew Hughes (Fantasy & Science Fiction)
  • "The Small Island" by Heather Parry (F(r)iction Magazine)
  • "A Gift of Tongues" by Paul McQuade (Cōnfingō)
  • "Velocity" by Steph Swainston (Turning Point)
  • "Counting the Pennies" by Rhys Hughes (The Early Bird Catches the Worm but the Wise Worm Stays in Bed)
  • "The Councillor's Visit" by Beth Goddard (Finesse)
  • "Yard Dog" by Tade Thompson (Fiyah)
  • "Dark Shells" by Aliya Whiteley (This Dreaming Isle)
  • "Coruvorn" by Reggie Oliver (The Silent Garden)
  • "The Godziliad" by Adam Roberts (Self-published)
  • "Underground" by Archie Black (Pornokitsch) [Limited Edition only]

Cover art by Matty Long

Edited by Jared Shurin

The Best of British Fantasy 2018 will be published May 2019 by NewCon Publishing. It will be available as a paperback, ebook and fancy limited edition hardcover, with copies available through all major booksellers.

Further information about the book here.