Dumarest by E.C. Tubb (1967 - 2008)
At the Mountains of Madness by Ian Culbard (2010)

Fantasy Fridays

The Guardian (and John Boyega!) asks: why is Game of Thrones so white?

"Reaction below the line and on fan threads was mostly variations on a similar theme of historical accuracy and the challenge that black actors present to the audience’s ability to suspend disbelief. Because, presumably, ice zombies and dragons are perfectly plausible, but fully rounded non-white characters would be a stretch too far?"

Aeon points out that the crime genre has its own problems.

And, hey, so does romance. (Although this Guardian piece shows the long shift in the genre, and how there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.)

Joanne Harris retells a (very appropriate?) ballad on Twitter.

The author of Lost in a Good Game, on the emotional and personal role of video games in his life.

The shortlist for the Jhalak Prize has been announced.


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