The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley (1863)
The Best of British Fantasy 2019 - Recommended Reading List

BOBF2019 Update

An update on the new volume of The Best of British Fantasy.

I received a shade under 200 submitted stories (excluding collections and anthologies), prowled around 82 different magazines and websites, and pored over 25 anthologies looking for British authors (ironically, I did a rubbish job keeping track of the anthologies, so I think that number is a little low...). 

I'm afraid that, like last year, the volume of submissions is simply too high for me to respond to everyone individually, or with personal feedback. 

  • All selections are made. Contracts are currently with the authors and/or their representatives.
  • I've also gathered a 'Recommended Reading' list of fifty additional stories that caught my interest (but, sadly, couldn't be included). As with last year, this will also be published online and printed in the book. I have not notified these authors, so, please, watch this space.
  • This year's cover artist is busy creating something spectacular

We'll announce everything when the moving parts have all successfully aligned.

As with last year, this year's selection is a combination of stories submitted and stories found. I'm glad to say that, unlike last year, the vast majority of this year's stories came from submissions. That bodes well for the sustainability of the project.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch. I appreciated the opportunity to read your work, and the past few months have been all the richer for it.


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