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The Best of British Fantasy 2019 - Table of Contents

The Best of British Fantasy 2019 - Recommended Reading List

Sadly, not every story can be included in The Best of British Fantasy.

Here are fifty additional stories that couldn't make it into The Best of British Fantasy 2019. These are this year's  'honourable mentions' - all by British or UK resident authors and first published in 2019:

  • Sandra Alland - "Smudged" (We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology [404 Ink])
  • L. R. Ambrose - "Long Enough" (NevermorEarth)
  • G.V. Anderson - "The Harvest of a Half-Known Life" (Lightspeed)
  • Tiffani Angus - "What Cannot Be Described" (The Book of Flowering [Egaeus])
  • R. J. Barker - "Riggers" (Three Crows)
  • Chris Barnum - "Sigmund Seventeen" (Electric Spec)
  • Rose Biggin - "The Ghost of Cock Lane" (Soot and Steel)
  • Die Booth - "Of Water" (Unfading Daydream)
  • Justine Bothwick - "Petrified" (Confingo)
  • Sarah Brooks - "Everything Rising, Everything Starting Again" (Interzone)
  • Daniel Carpenter - "Hunting by the River" (Black Static)
  • Eliza Chan - "Knowing Your Type" (Three Crows)
  • David Cleden - "Seven Stops Along the Graffiti Road" (Interzone)
  • Jeremy Darlington - "Scent" (Scent [Comma])
  • K. T. Davies - "Chosen of the Slain" (Legends III [NewCon])
  • Malcolm Devlin - "A Dreamer Arrives in the Occupied City" (Interzone)
  • Camilla Grudova - "Through Ceilings and Walls" (Extra Teeth)
  • Olivia Hannah - "Peter's Ghost" (Litro)
  • Joanne Harris - "Storytime" (Self-published)
  • Cat Hellisen - "Oh Baby Teeth Johnny and Your Radiant Grin, Let's Unroll on Moonlight and Gin" (Shoreline of Infinity)
  • Liam Hogan - "A Dragon, Sat" (Daily Science Fiction)
  • Jonathan Howard - "O Have you Seen the Devle With His Mikerscope and Scalpul" (Apex)
  • Rhys Hughes - "The Siege" (Arms Against a Sea (and Other Troubles))
  • Timothy Jarvis - "Brother Burgholt's Charm" (An Invite to Eternity [Calque])
  • Tom Jenks - "Saccharine" (Spelk)
  • Michelle Ann King - "In the Fog, There's Nothing But Grey" (Black Static)
  • Kirsty Logan - "Between Sea and Sky" (Hag [Amazon])
  • Vesna Main - "My Sinister Side" (Litro)
  • Tim Major - "The Forge" (And the House Lights Dim [Luna])
  • Ali Maloney - "Scan Lines" (Haunted Voices [Haunt])
  • Conner McAleese - "I Live Alone" (Haunted Voices [Haunt])
  • Maura McHugh - "The Mechanical Marionette Mob" (Scarlet Traces [Abaddon])
  • Lisa McInerney - "Nowhere Now" (Extra Teeth)
  • Amy McNee - "Sibling Rivalry" (BFS Horizons)
  • Leah Moore - "One Gram" (The Outcast Hours [Solaris])
  • Jon Oliver - "Turner's Apprentice" (1816: The Year Without Summer [Kickstarter])
  • Heather Palmer - "Projector" (We Were Always Here: A Queer Words Anthology [404 Ink])
  • Angela Readman - "Peasant Woman Number Four" (Unthology 11 [Unthank])
  • Jane Roberts - "The Salt Marsh Lambs" (Tales from the Shadow Booth, v4)
  • Robert Shearman - "I Say, I Say" (Tales from the Shadow Booth, v3)
  • Polina Simakova - "Hear Me Out" (The Worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, Volume V)
  • Gareth Spark - "The Bear" (PunkNoir)
  • M. Suddain - "Midnight Marauders" (The Outcast Hours [Solaris])
  • Piotr Sweitlik - "Blood Thicker Than Water" (Tales from the Graveyard [Far Horizons])
  • Heather Valentine - "Greenwoman" (BFS Horizons)
  • James Warner - "Shots of Water are Free" (Santa Monica Review)
  • Richard Webb - "Thought Surgery" (Teleport Magazine)
  • Jack Westlake - "Pomegranate Pomegranate" (Black Static)
  • Neil Williamson - "The Raveller's Tale" (Once Upon a Parsec [NewCon])
  • Marian Womack - "One, Two, Three" (Tales from the Shadow Booth, v4)

The table of contents for The Best of British Fantasy 2019 can be found here.

The Best of British Fantasy 2019 will be available at all good bookstores, or you can pre-order your copy directly from the publisher.


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